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10 Best Color Ideas For Your Room

As we know, finding the right color for our room is not as easy as we think. We will have more difficult if we are not good at fashion. Let say; we never feel right to get the right color of clothes for us.

Can we start by choosing our favorite color? It is not a bad idea. But wait, we need more consideration than that. Why? Because our room is involved with many elements on it. We have to harmonize everything in our place.

The Things to Consider to Find The Right Color

The Things to Consider to Find The Right Color

Continuing the discussion at the part above, we will explore more about how to find the right color for our room.
In this case, choosing a color for a room is different from, for example, selecting a car color.

We do not only dealing with the psychological aspect (where we know that color affects our mood, feeling, and emotion) but also the aesthetical aspect.

At the previous part, we said that your favorite color is not a bad idea to start. Perhaps you love that color because it makes you feel comfortable and peaceful.

Indeed, we have to deal with other colors in our room. It will be easier if you start from zero where you paint your place first and after that buying the furniture which is best for your room color. But it seems impossible, right?

We already have the things that we will keep or display at our room. So, the next step to do is you have to use your imagination.

What if the best color to beautify our room is not our favorite color? Can we feel comfortable? What if that color turns our good mood into bad?

Do you feel uncomfortable when you stay at a tidy room with a harmonious mix color combination? Do you feel good when you visit a beautiful place?

When you feel comfortable and happy, staying in a beautiful and tidy room, your mood will be okay. What about the psychological aspect of color? We will more and more confuse after we read some sources of color psychology.

We can find that, for example, red color means the color of angry as this color resembles blood, hot-chili, red-eyes, and more. In the same time, we find that the red color is desire and happiness as this color resembles sexy, red-wine, red-apple, and more.

But of course, we have to consider the psychological aspect of color as we believe that we will feel comfortable only with a particular color. So, we should see the example of room decoration with thematic color in the texts below.

Room Color, Meaning, Aesthetic, and the Combination


Red has a lot of meaning as this color associated with blood, food, fire, etc. Thus, we can relate this color to high energy, anger, desire, expression, bravery, and more.

Psychologically, this color is believed to be the one that affects our energy, desire, spirit, and creativity. So, we think that the red color is best for our living room rather than our bedroom. See the example at the picture below.

red living room

The picture above shows us the use of red color for a living room, and the result is beautiful as we can match it rightly using another color such as white and black for wall decoration.

We get more about the beautiful view with those kinds of arrangement, composition, and combination of color from all elements in that living room.

Of course, having that kind of living room will make us in a good mood. What if we make a total red living room? It can be a bad idea as a single color for the room will create a flat impression which makes us feel dull.


We can easily associate the green color with nature; for example, the color of the trees, leaves, grass, and more. We can call this color as the color of life.

Psychologically, this color makes us feel relaxed, peaceful, and comfortable as well as we stay in nature. This color is best for both living room and bedroom. See the example below.

beautiful green bedrom

If we want to use green color for bedroom, we can combine this color with white, brown, yellow, and black as all of them are the elements of nature.

When we use the green as the primary thematic color of our room, make sure to find the right types of green which we can beautifully match with other furniture in our room as we can see at that picture above.


The blue color remains us the color of the sky and sea. Both of them are deep and mysterious. We can use this color for the kitchen, living room, or bathroom to create a peaceful mind.

What if we use this color for our living room? See the picture below.

blue kitchen

What a lovely kitchen. The picture above shows us the brilliant idea to use blue color for decorating the kitchen.
To mix the blue color with other colors, we can get the idea from nature; white and grey. You know, grey is the color of the cloud that occasionally appears within the blue and white sky.


The grey color remains us the old photograph. When we use it for our room, we will get an enduring impression.
Some said that grey is the color of sadness. But it can be wrong if we use it rightly to decorating our room. Take a look at the image below.

grey living room

Decorating our room with the grey color is like drawing in a piece of paper by using a pencil. White color or any color close to white and black is best to match with grey.

Visually, the grey color living room as you can see at that image above is nevertheless impressive. It looks like a timeless design which never makes you in a bad mood.


Orange color remains freshness as well as we see a fresh orange in the market. This color is close to the joyful atmosphere that lets us into a perfect mood.

Is it right when we use this color to our bedroom? Take a look at the image below.

orange bedroom

Remember that the orange color is also the color of sunset and sunrise. When we have this color for bedroom, we will get a particular time at early in the morning and late afternoon.

We can match this color with brown or natural color of wood for the furniture. Indeed, you can add a particular wall mounted lamps for bedroom for the dramatic effect.


We can say that the black is dark. But we can’t avoid that the black color is fresh and somehow is sexy. Commonly, black color is best for bathroom. But what if we use black color for bedroom?

black bedroom

The picture above shows us an extreme way to decorate the bedroom using black color for almost all the parts of it.
We can add gold color for best small decoration and also white for the counterweight color. So, rather than having a mystical room with darkness, we can make it luxurious with the touch of white.


Violet is nevertheless elegant. See the image below to find the proof!

violet living room

What do you think about violet? Do you like to have this color for your room? You can easily match this color with green, gold, and white for the best looking. You can still add the brown color even this combination will be difficult to create a beautiful harmony.


Similar to orange, the yellow color gives us high positive energy which turns us into a good mood along the day. How will we use this color for our room? See the example below.

yellow living room

What do you think about the idea as you can see at that image above? This kind of room with yellow color is recommended for anyone who loves the contemporary style of design.

This color will easily stimulate our energy and creativity to do something at home. This color is also right to release of mind after tired of working outside.


The brown color is somehow luxurious, classic, and timeless. If you are a person with a great taste of design, you can try this color. See the idea of living room with brown color in the image below.

brown living room

With the style as you can see at that image above, you will have an enduring impression of a gentle room. We can match the brown color with the other type of brown color, black, and also white to get the luxury accent.


White is a neutral color and closely related to the holy and pure one. This color can be the best one if you need the most comfortable and peaceful room.

white bedroom

At that image above, we can see a beautiful white bedroom with minimalist decoration. When you use this color, you will be easier to match with every color for any style of design. The flexibility is the benefit of white color.

For the highest pleasure, we can get from the white room; of course, we also need to do extra to maintenance and keep it clean.


For the end of this article, we say that every color will be right for you as long as you can make the right harmony with the other elements in your room and also the style of it.

For the last word, we thank you very much for viewing our website. We hope that the information in this article is helpful for you.

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