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exterior paint color for red brick homes ideas

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Best Exterior Paint Color for Red Brick Homes Ideas

What colors go with a red brick home? Perhaps, this question is the first thing we have in mind when we have a plan to paint or repaint our exterior.

We can find so many sources or ideas on the internet or seeing somebody’s house when we go somewhere. We can imitate that idea and apply it to our home. But, before we use that idea, we should learn about the exterior color combinations.

Before we talk about color, we have to be sure about the exterior details that we will paint. Indeed, if we want to create the harmony, we have to make the design or at least to make the list of items of our exterior that we will paint differently. Take a look at the image below.

part of exterior house

Can you draw your home like the sketch at the image above? Or, you can take a photo of your house, edit the image in a black and white mode, print the picture, and the last give color on it.

If you have that, it will be easier for you to ask the painter to paint your house in the right direction. At least, by having the sketch of your home, you can do some experiments of color to get the correct visual appearance as you like it.

What Should We Do To Paint Our Exterior?

Continuing the discussion at the previous part, after you find the source idea of color choice, based on the sketch that you have, you can start categorizing or grouping the element of your exterior.

After doing that, you can try to choose the color for each group. For example, roof: black, trim: white, door: brown, siding: red, and so on.

You also need to know the general rules of painting the exterior. Of course, you can avoid this one, but basically, this perspective is helpful for you to get the ideal beauty (not experimental beauty).

finding the right color for red brick homes

Primary Color

The primary color that we mean here is the dominant color used for the exterior. Typically, the dominant color of red brick homes is the natural color of the brick. But, it is still possible for us to paint most of the exterior by other color and the natural red brick become the secondary or decorative color.

Secondary Color

The secondary color, in this case, is the second most prominent part of the painted exterior area, for example, the roof. You should make a different color between the wall and the ceiling to create the best looking. Indeed, you can choose one of them in the secondary painted area.

Decorative Color

While decorative color is a small part of the exterior elements that you will paint in a different color. For example, the door, the trim, the eave, the fascia, and so on.
We will see how we use these three terms to apply for our exterior house in part below.

Ideas of Exterior Paint Color for Red Brick Homes

Generally, the best color to accompany the red brick homes is the group of a dark color (black, grey, brown, etc.) for the most substantial part such as the roof area, and the group of bright color (white, blue, red, etc.) for the decorative accent.

We need to combine more than one color with matching with the natural color of red brick, for example, the grey and white color. So, our exterior has three different colors; red brick, grey, and white. To discuss it intensely, we start from the first idea in the image below.

dark grey roof for red brick house

The picture above shows us the use of natural red brick color as the primary and the grey as the secondary color for the roof and decorative color for some small exterior elements.

And this house looks great. The question is, what makes it looks great? The answer is not merely because of the color used for the exterior. We also need to see all elements of that exterior looking at that house.

Besides the dark grey-red brick-and black color combination for the exterior paint, we find this house beautiful from the design (the shape) and also the natural element of green from the indoor plant.

So, before you decide to choose the color to paint your exterior, you need to see other elements around your home. Let us see another picture below.

white and navy for red brick house

When we use the ideal perspective to see the image above, the white and blue color looked unmatched with that brick house.

But, there is something that makes this house looks interesting. Honestly, for us, the home in that image above has unspoken beauty where we can find it only when we use another perspective.

We will get hard to paint this house as the arrangement of the bricks is untidy. More than that, the surrounding elements are not good enough to support the visual appearance.

But the use of white color as the third (decorative color) is a brilliant idea to make that house looks exotic with strong character. So, we can replace the blue color with another one, but we cannot replace the white.

Now we see another example of the power of white as the decorative color with substantial impact to create beauty in the image below.

white trim for red brick house

In that image, as we mentioned before, the white color plays an essential role in making that house looks perfect. We find the white color is not only for the utility trims, pillars, outside corner, and some small parts of that house but also for the color of the driveway.

We also need more attention to the outdoor area of our house as each color of the whole part of our exterior is connected.

The question is, how does the white colorwork to create beauty? The red brick and the grey are the dominant color used for that exterior house. Without bright color like white, indeed, that house loses the dimension.

So, the white color (or any other resemble shade of white) is the most effective solution to present the dimension and other ornamental details of that house exterior.

white siding for red brick house

The picture above is another example of the way the white (or bright) color creates the beautiful looking of the exterior front side.

When we have the natural color of red brick for the wall and grey for the roof as the major, basically, we need one color for the rest part, including the siding, the door, the window, the trim, etc.

What if we use more than one color for those small parts of the exterior? Take a look at the image below.

white and blue for red brick house

Since we use the same color for each categorized item, for example, the blue color for all of the shutters that we combine with white color for the window frame and trim, we will get a beautiful harmonized colors for the exterior.

We can use many colors, of course, but you have to be sure that your choice is suitable for the red brick color. And also, to get the maximum result is that you must include the white tone to go with another color choice.


Ideally, at least we need 3-4 different colors to paint our exterior. The first one is the natural color of red brick (we do not need to paint the block), the second is the color for the roof, and the rest are the colors to create the dimension of the house.

Of course, there is no exact rule to paint our exterior, but at least by seeing the ideas we shared in this article, we hope you get the inspiration to decorate your surface with your favorite colors.

To end this article, we say thank you very much for viewing our website and reading this article.

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