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6 Cheap Bathroom Vanities under $100 to Check

Having difficulty in finding cheap bathroom vanities under $100? Check out the 6 product choices that we have listed, especially for you.


Vanity is undoubtedly an essential item in every bathroom. In simple words, we can say that it has a combination of a cabinet and a sink.

At this time, bathroom vanities are available in so many styles with different price ranges. One thing that you need to know is that if you want a better unit with better features, you need to provide more amount of cash in the beginning.

This fact makes finding the right bathroom vanity in a very tight budget is not an easy thing to do. However, is it impossible to do?

The answer is NO. We can prove it since we have collected information about six cheap bathroom vanities under $100 and share everything that you need to know about each item in this article.

Read this post further if, by any chance, such vanity is the one you are desperately looking for right now.

White 1-Door Ready-to-Use 531723 Wyndham Vanity by Design House

white 1-door 531723 Wyndham vanity by Design House

Where to buy: Amazon

The first bathroom vanity that you can check out when you only have under $100 budget is this Ready-to-Use 531723 Wyndham Vanity manufactured by Design House. This unit is available in white color, and it only has one door.

The compact design with 16l x 18w x 31.5h dimensions makes it suitable to use in various bathroom space from the small to the big one. If seen from the style, something with clean lines like this is more appropriate to place in modern bathroom design, including transitional or contemporary.

One of its considerable excellences is that it comes with thermofoil finish. It does not only make the bathroom vanity easy to clean but also adds chip and water resistance to it.

If you are interested in buying this vanity unit, please take caution that the purchase does not include the top of the sink, so you must buy it separately. Other than the vanity cabinet, you will also get satin nickel pulls and knobs when you buy this item.

Another thing that you must know is that you will receive the bathroom cabinet in an unassembled form. For this one, you do not have to worry because it is quite easy to assemble, and you can find the instructions in the package.

Maple Single Bathroom Vanity Base Cabinet by Green Leaf

single bathroom vanity base cabinet with maple finish by Green Leaf

Where to buy: Amazon

The next item that we suggest you take a look at when looking for an under-$100 bathroom vanity is this one. It is a single bathroom cabinet base cabinet from Green Leaf.

The overall design of this vanity base is from wood. Specifically, the construction is hardwood plywood.

The simple design with 30w x 21d x 34.5h inches dimensions makes it quite easy for you to include this vanity in any bathroom style. If you need an idea, the maple finish seems excellent to pair with a white sink on your choice.

Talking about the sink, with the price under $100, this product also does not come with the sink included. Even more specifically, there is clear information that handles are not in the purchase package too.

Another thing that you must take into consideration before buying this base vanity cabinet is that it comes unassembled, and no instructions are included. It means you possibly need to put more effort when installing it.

Oak 531970 Vanity by Design House

531970 Design House vanity base

Where to buy: Amazon

This next option also comes from the Design House. However, this one has a somewhat different appearance with oak color and 18w x 16d x 31.5h inches dimensions.

If being asked about where to place it, the design looks compatible with a shabby chic or vintage bathroom style. It is especially when you pair this unit with white a sink that you must buy separately since it is not included in the purchase.

When you buy this product, you will not only receive the unassembled parts of the vanity base. Besides, you will also get some antique brass hardware for the detailing.

Thankfully, the manufacturer provides a cam-lock connector in the design. It is something that will help make the assembly easier to do.

Although this unit looks quite compact, it has quite ample storage that you can use to avoid clutter in your bathroom. There is even a drawer included in the design too.

24” Pedestal Sink Bathroom Vanity Cabinet in White by HOMCOM

24” bathroom vanity cabinet for pedestal sink by HOMCOM

Where to buy: Amazon

This next example is interesting not only because of the price that is under $100. It is also because it is designed mainly for the pairing of a pedestal sink.

This type of bathroom sink indeed has a unique look. However, many homeowners find that after using it for some time, there is lacking in the design. It is none other but the lack of storage space in it.

In this situation, removing the sink and replacing it with a whole new vanity would be such a loss. That is why, in this case, a product like this HOMCOM vanity cabinet would be beneficial.

the inside of HOMCOM vanity cabinet for pedestal sink

By taking a look at the inside of this vanity cabinet, you will know how it can be a suitable pairing for any pedestal sink. The best thing of all, by adding it in your bathroom, you can get extra storage to place different items, such as cleaning supplies or something else.

Talking about the storage space that this item can provide, the two shelves inside it are adjustable, so they are more convenient to use. The shelf dimensions are 8.75w x 7.5d inches.

For the material, this product is made of waterproof painted MDF. It is the one that can withstand the moisture and humidity in the bathroom area. In other words, it is also the one that can guarantee the durability of the vanity cabinet.

The last but not least detail that you must know is that in the purchase, you will not only receive the vanity cabinet. There will also be stainless-steel-finished hardware included.

White Under-Sink Vanity Cabinet Storage with Double Doors by Giantex

under-sink vanity cabinet with double doors by Giantex

Where to buy: Amazon

The next option you can buy under $100 is this Giantex product. At a glance, it looks like the one designed for a pedestal sink, but it is not. Instead, it is intended to be suitable for the wall-mounted one.

This item has plenty of storage inside with 27l x 14w x 23h inches dimensions. The design looks quite simple, with clean lines that make it excellent for a modern bathroom.

Several details support the strength and durability of this product. The first is the plastic feet that can avoid the bottom part of the vanity cabinet to get moldy.

The second is the waterproof surface, which also makes this product is not hard to clean. The hardware included also has high quality, so you do not have to worry about replacing it anytime soon.

When you purchase it, no sink will be included in the package. Besides, you will also need to assemble it on your own with the provided instructions.

Two-Tone Under-Sink Vanity Cabinet with Cube Organizer by Giantex

under-sink vanity cabinet with cube organizer by Giantex

Where to buy: Amazon

The last but not least item that we want you to know still comes from Giantex. This item is also a non-pedestal cabinet for bathroom vanity. However, it looks quite different from the previous option because of the two-tone design.

Besides, this item also has cube organizers as one of the most prominent features. It is something that will not only give you extra storage but also makes your bathroom design looks more stylish.

The primary material of this unassembled product is the PB board. It makes this item resistant to scratch. Besides, the surface is also quite easy to clean, so you can always save time whenever you need to do the bathroom cleaning.

After knowing further about each of them, there is one conclusion we can get.

When your budget is under $100, it is almost impossible to get a bathroom vanity that comes with complete features, including the top, the sink, and the hardware. As you know from the items that we have discussed, all of them do not come with the sink/top.

Some of them even do not have any hardware included in the purchase package. This way, you must always remember to check the items included in the purchase before buying any vanity or the base cabinet.

Do you know what all those mean? The meaning is when you are looking for a bathroom vanity under $100, you need to be ready to provide more cash in the future. It is necessary to buy the sink and hardware required to complete the design.

You shouldn’t prepare the extra money if the vanity cabinet is a part of your bathroom remodeling project. It means you will later pair it with the old sink that you already have since the beginning.

From the positive side, you can still see this as something good. It is because you can pair the cabinet vanity with any sink choice to add an extra style value in your bathroom. In this case, you should be careful by making sure the suitable size for the sink so it can fit in the vanity unit you have bought.


Those are the products and information from the category of cheap bathroom vanities under $100 that we can share with you. we hope that the information we shared in this article is useful for you. For the last words, we say thank you very much for reading our article.

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