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10 Attractive Black and White Striped Shower Curtain Designs for Your Bathroom

Black and white striped shower curtain does not only have the most classic color combination. It is also a timeless option that you can choose as s form of investment in your bathroom design.

Black and white are also the ultimate neutral colors that you can include in your home interior design. It means they can fit in any style and color theme without a problem.

One thing that you need to be grateful for is that right now, this kind of shower curtain is available in quite a lot of design options. These are not limited only in the most standard stripe pattern like the vertical one.

If you are interested in including this accessory in your bathroom design, you are already in the right place. In this article, you can find ten attractive designs of black and white shower curtains with a striped pattern for inspiration in finding the one that is most suitable to you.

Check out all the shower curtain designs in the following!

Classic Vertical Black and White Striped Design

waterproof shower curtain with classic black and white striped pattern by LB

Where to buy: Amazon

In the category of black and white shower curtain with stripes, the most classic yet attractive design looks like the one you see in the image of the LB product above. It has a vertical pattern with each color that does not look too big or too small.

Although the pattern and colors of this curtain can fit in any bathroom excellently, you need to know that it has a unique ability. It is to make the room looks visually taller.

Do you know what that means? It means that this kind of shower curtain can be an excellent choice for a bathroom with a rather low ceiling.

Another thing that you need to know is that this kind of look is the one that people often instantly have in mind when they hear about striped design.

The truth that they have to know is that right now; there are quite combinations available to choose from. You will find out some of the most attractive choices by reading this post further.

Black and White Striped Design with Horizontal Style

black and white shower curtains with larger stripes in horizontal style by Family Decor

Where to buy: Amazon

Another striped design that is quite suitable to be called as standard for black and white shower curtain is this one. It has horizontal stripes instead of the vertical ones.

While the fact that it can fit in any bathroom design effortlessly is the same as the one applied to the vertical option, you need to know that a shower curtain with horizontal stripes can create a slightly different visual effect. It is a wider look that can make a smaller bathroom looks more spacious.

The image you can see above is a product of Family Decor. One thing that is quite interesting about it is the size of each stripe that looks quite large. It seems to prove that you should not always choose smaller striped design since the bigger one can also look attractive.

Black and White Curtain with Oversized Horizontal Stripes

black and white shower curtain with oversized stripes by iDesign

Where to buy: Amazon

The image you see above is the product of iDesign. It contains another design variation that you can take into consideration when choosing a black and white striped curtain for your shower.

It also has a horizontal pattern. Although so, you can see in the photo that each stripe is oversized, and it gives a different level of attractiveness.

While it can also serve the wider visual effect, it does not give the bathroom a too busy impression. Thanks to the design that does not contain too many stripes.

Black and White Striped Geometric Fabric Shower Curtain by Seavish

fabric shower curtain in black and white striped geometric design by Seavish

Where to buy: Amazon

The Striped design in the shower curtain should not always have the same size. As an example, you can see this Seavish product in which the black stripes look smaller than the white ones.

A design like this is attractive because it makes the white tone to be more prominent than black and white. The result is a more vibrant look that can avoid the bathroom area to look too dull or dark.

A choice like this is then excellent to pick when you are looking for a classic black and white shower curtain that can help brighten up your interior.

Simple-Looking White Shower Curtain with Black Stripes by FEELOVE

white shower curtain with two black stripes by FEELOVE

Where to buy: Amazon

If you want the classic black and white stripe combination, but at the same time you also want the curtain to look simple, you can choose something like this. This FEELOVE product is a white polyester fabric curtain that has two black stripes at the bottom for the detailing.

Besides the fact that it has a very simple yet attractive look, it also has white color domination that can make your bathroom area looks brighter. The design also becomes the reason why the curtain is so easy to include in any bathroom styling.

Shower Curtain with Black, White, and Grey Stripes Combination by She’s Home

Striped black, white, and grey shower curtain by She’s Home

Where to buy: Amazon

Now that you already know about the black and white striped curtain design that follows the classic styling as we already told you in the previous example, it is the time for you to know about some other variations that you can also find nowadays. This one is the first example.

In the design of this product by She’s Home, you can find not only small and tight black and white stripes but also the grey and white ones. In other words, color is the detail that is used to create another variation here.

Although the stripes are quite a lot in this curtain design, you should not be afraid that it will create a too busy look. From afar, this bathroom accessory does not even seem to have the detailing because of the quite small size of each stripe.

Black and White Striped Curtain with Rose Flowers Decorations by Riyidecor

fashionable shower curtain with black and white stripes and roses detailing at the upper part by Riyidecor

Where to buy: Amazon

Some other curtains even look very attractive with the beautiful and colorful detailing other than the black and white stripes. An example that we found for you is this product by Riyidecor.

This choice is suitable to pick when you want to keep the classic horizontal striped design but at the same time, also want to give color addition to the bathroom design.

The three-tone roses detailing at the upper part also make a very fashionable touch to the interior. There are even some golden dots that can create a bit of glamor impression in there.

Shower Curtain with Black and White Stripes and Pink Flowers by LIVILAN

horizontal stripes black and white curtain with pink flower details by LIVILAN

Where to buy: Amazon

Here is another example that you can take a look at if you want an even more beautiful design variation for the black and white shower curtain. Other than the vertical stripes, this LIVILAN product also has pink flower details that make it look even more fabulous.

The addition of elegance and beauty from this shower curtain appearance can make you enjoy your shower time even better. Besides, the colorful details can also give specific energy so you will be ready to do any activities you need to do next after showering.

Black and White Horizontal Striped Curtain with Golden Leaf Details by LB

shower curtain with black and white stripes and leaf details by LB

Where to buy: Amazon

Another design variation that you should not miss is this one. It contains the classic horizontal black and white stripes but with the addition of patterned-golden leaf details.

There are several things that you must know about this shower curtain design. First of all, the golden detailing adds not only a fashionable look but also a glamor appearance. It can make the item, as well as the room interior, looks more attractive.

Another thing is that the detailing also has a neutral characteristic, unlike the flower details that seem to be more suitable for female occupants. It makes the curtain suitable to use in a bathroom that everybody uses.

Artsy Black and White Striped Curtain with Gold Pineapple Details by ArtSocket

gold pineapple details in artsy black and white curtain by ArtSocket

Where to buy: Amazon

Black and white striped curtain for a shower that also comes with golden details can also be a suitable choice for kids. The example is this one that also has golden pineapples in the design.

The fruit images here make the curtain looks fun. Another detailing that you should not miss is the black stripes that look like they are painted. The uneven shapes make them look so artsy.


Those are the ten attractive black and white striped shower curtain ideas that we can share with you. Of course, these are not the only designs you can find at stores since there are possibly many others that discover out there.

When about to purchase this kind of shower curtain, you can consider the visual effect it can give to the entire bathroom area, just like what we have told you in the content above.

Other than this, you must also consider some other details like the size, the material, and whether or not it is washable. By considering all these things, hopefully, you can find the best black and white stripes curtain for the shower in your bathroom.

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